Foster FE103A

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Does anyone know what's the specs for the vintage Alnico Foster FE103A. I have a pair coming and just wondering if they would be usable with a 3/4 watt single ended darling amp.

Also, has anyone try them on open baffle with a low frequency helper - something similar to this:

I plan to copy this design except running the FE103A without any crossover.

Thanks in advance.

They finally arrived. Pictures enclosed as promised Dave.

They are different - can't really use them. Perhaps someone has an odd ball that they want to trade. I really want to use that alnico magnet.


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I have a pair of Foster 10F3's in small cabinets that go along with a helper woofer. They have had the planet10 treatment and sound very nice.

I also have the Coral equivalent (holey basket) that are running as OB mids in another system. They also have had Dave's TLC sound very good. In fact I chose them over the 10F3's because of the better vocals (my opinion)

If you can find another 10F3 you will be very happy.


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Try a mono design

A back loaded cornerhorn (like a frugal horn) with a few adaptations could be a very cool way to use the two of these. Alnico forward firing, ferrite upfiring for a little extra output ability in the bass region. I'd say just do a frugel horn design, with a double sized compression chamber you can tune with displacement via bricks or the like.
Fe103A - build up basket with epoxy?

Thought I'd use the most recent thread on Foster fe103A's instead of starting another.

Has anyone tried building up the basket/spider of the 103's (any version) with Marine Tex or other "rigid" epoxies?

Basically I'm thinking of doing all the duct seal mods as well as building up the "legs" of the basket to a pair of Foster fe103A's but using rigid epoxy to strengthen and damp the basket. Of course this is a non-removable mod so I thought I'd ask around first.

I don't know if anyone is familiar with Marine Tex but it's a rigid sandable/fillable epoxy for Marine use, will apparently cure underwater though I haven't tried that as don't do much listening under water.

So far the fe103a's are still in their recently acquired chrome fronted Tunnel Reflex boxes, though I have replaced the original speaker wire and done the Modge Podge fix to glue the surround back on to the cone.
(Thanks Planet10 for the how to, I used a smooth nail file to lift the surround and get the brush under)
It is released again as anniversary version!
see Madisound .

There is also a dedicated bass reflex enclosure.

So what do you think of this new release?
The curve looks a bit bright, but in practice it might not be hearable (my Lowther PM2C wasn't bright at all in my installation). There is a quite big sag above 2Khz.

By the way, the specs resemble the ACR clone of the 103. (in D.Petoin's database)


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