New Issue Forum thread reply windows getting mashed up, comment and question wrong way round. Something keeps moving this from behind. What is it ??

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Sounds a strange problem and not one I've come across before. Although I've no answers at this point some more info might help such as your operating system and browser. Maybe a screen grab showing what you are seeing might also help.

(sometimes weird issues can be fixed by clearing temporary browser files (browser specific how you do that) and clearing temporary internet files with a disc clean)
I suspect it is AV and/ or Firefox doing an auto update at the same time. Much of these notebook systems is "don´t blink"! or one has lost it!
I shall do a cookie site data clear-out and start again. As with Tubes I am sure all will work out.
Thks for reply.

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I wanted to add that the site by default saves drafts, so you can close a tab and open it again while retaining your post. This green dot shows autosave.

Screenshot from 2023-09-14 09-52-55.png

BTW @benchbaron out of curiosity, how did you find this subforum?

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