Forte 1a left channel buzz

I have used my Forte 1a for at least twenty years now, and it has been exemplary. Recently it developed a buzz in the left channel that begins after about two minutes of warmup, and doesn't go away thereafter. I have another amp in the system, and all is well, but I'd love to be able to repair the Forte!



2013-03-26 1:13 am
I know I'm waaay late to this party, but I too have a Forte (Model 3) that I've replaced the PS caps and the 2 yellow film caps. That's all. It was dead quiet before the change, now there's a slight buzz on the left channel. I'm not a pro, but did check solder points and everthing seems solid. I can't figure out why it's buzzing? It also buzzes without any inputs hooked up, so it shouldn't be a ground loop issue. As I noted, the buzz is barely there and the amp sounds great, but it's driving me nuts. Any insights? Thanks.