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For Sale: Monacor SPH-220HQ midbass drivers

I have a brand new, boxed pair of these excellent 8in midbass drivers for sale.

One of my favourite 8in widerange midbass units. Classic coated paper cone, lovely cast frame with venting for the spider. Very smooth, extended response. Easy load. Low (30Hz) rated resonant frequency, 11mm point-to-point Xmax, well-balanced spec. that suits both sealed and vented boxes. Well-suited for use with both low & higher order crossovers. Full details here: MONACOR: SPH-220HQ

I'm asking for £100 for the pair (plus shipping). Current UK Monacor price is just under £97 plus shipping for a single unit, so this is almost half price.

Thanks for looking, and if anybody has any questions, give me a shout.


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