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For Sale: Full range speakes made with w4-657sc

The fit and finish could be a bit better but they still look nice, made with 3/4 mdf, and have gold plated binding posts. I would say they weigh in at about 10lbs each, which is impressive considering thier size, nice heft. Dimensions are 13" x 7" x 8". (HxWXD) They roll off just a bit on the top end, and I would reccomend a subwoofer for use with them.

nfo on the speaker driver used.....

Pics of the actual speakers I'm selling here....

I'm in Saskatoon, Sask, Canada, asking $110 Canadian plus shipping. Payment via EMT or money order.

Lots of references under dvdvideo on ebay and heatware.
dvdvideo said:
Hey, long time no see! I should have probably kept these, but I wanted to put the cash in other DIY things....

What are you doing with your tangbands.....did you build enclosures?


A couple are just sitting on the shelf, two are in a center speaker with a tb tweeter.

Need to buy one more tweeter and some MDF to use the rest, probably towers...