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For a change DIY Placid R

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Hi Guys

I hope that You will like for a change some DIY stuff....

Please have a look at my DIY Placid version R...

I do not have oryginall TP Placid PCB, I just use Russ schematics with some small modifications.
I maneged with single side PCB and at the same time version R is probably bit smaller than oryginall.

I did put Power transistors at one side of PCB to allow usage as radiators this 10mm fick aluminium cases... OK and also why not have this unnecessary ultra fast ON Semi diodes..and some other inventions....

Well with Dual Buffalo and Legato setup You could need quite loot of PS's actualy I'm thinking how many of this do I need... any advises...

Please bear in mind that this are prototype versions of PCB with at list few errors, but I did them on CNC Milling machine so next batch already have some improvements..

Anyway dooing this have been DIY fun and to my surprise it seems to be working...



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Very nice!. Does the milling machine also drill the holes?

Hi Glt

Actually no ..but You can set it up to do very nice "milled" very small points/circles at driling points that can be used as guidance to drill PCB by small hand mill.
Well driling probably can be done with bit more "research" on this, but small hand drill with reference points works quite nice.
This is my first try to milling PCB, but it looks promising specialy for dooing prototypes of PCB...

By the way GLT, using Your Ardunio to controll Buffalo is something I will have to try, it looks absolutely cool....

Very nice work!!! I am always very pleased when people take initiative to do stuff like this.



Hi Russ

Thank You very much ..!!! I really appreciate this...

I did not expected that many kind words for my small "initiative"......
This is almost like Christmas present.....:santa2: :xmastree:

Actual Please also have a look at finished PlacidR modules I made for my DuallMonoBuffalo with Legato setup..

There have been quite some soldering going on, as for me ......

2 modules for 2Buffalos
4 modules for Legato with separate PSupply per Chanel
and 1 for my USB 2 I2S ...

All together 7 modules...
Well but Twisted Pear "never sleeps" ... and it seems that I now need quite few Tridents to be able to join The Extreme Buffalo Build Club......

Thanks again for kind words...



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