focal vs. scan-speak


2005-06-17 6:58 am
In my own experiences:

Focals: generally have higher sensitivity & sounded more open/lively, might be a little bit too "raw" for some because of their somewhat egdy mid-high. (depends on model...)

Scanspeak: more "polite" & precise sound, sometimes restrained in comparison.

Just my own opinion.


I've been using Focal Audiom 7K mid for 10 years. It's the most sensitive driver from Focal at the time I purchase them (98dB/2.83V nominal).

I feel very disappointed that Focal no longer produces such high sensitivity driver nowadays. It's successors do not keep the bandwidth & high sensitivity. What a pity.

Currently I run them with Oris horn with Audax bullet tweeter, using line stage passive HP, & no LP filter. I'm satisfied with the sound.