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Focal - Dynaudio - Polydax Drivers

I have a few pairs for sale. Thay are all Brand New. Email for shipping. Paypal accepted.

FOCAL: TC 120 TDX 1" inverted Coated Titanium Tweeters
R=5.7 ohms, Fs = 735 and 686 hertz. $120/pair

FOCAL: *Matched* 6K 412 L + CR 5" Midrange/Midbase
Rubber surround, Cast frame, Polykevlar diaphram. $175/pair

DYNAUDIO: D-21 AF Mylar Dome Tweeter. 21mm
(2) pairs available. $95/pair

DYNAUDIO: 21W54-06 Beautifully made 7" midbases. Cast frame,
Large magnet w/foam filter. $195/pair

POLYDAX: MHD 12P25F 3" midranges. R=5.9 and 6.0 ohms.
Fs are both 243 hertz. $60/pair


  • Dynaudio 21W54.JPG
    Dynaudio 21W54.JPG
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  • Dynaudio D-21 AF.JPG
    Dynaudio D-21 AF.JPG
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  • Focal 6K 412.JPG
    Focal 6K 412.JPG
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  • Focal TC 120 TDX.JPG
    Focal TC 120 TDX.JPG
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  • Polydax midrange.JPG
    Polydax midrange.JPG
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