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Focal Audiom6W4311b Rythmik Audio Sub Crossover parts- sub plate amps.


2008-07-24 6:19 am
Time to clean out the shop. Mostly new and a few used parts. All prices plus shipping unless noted.

New pair of Focal Audiom Utopia 6W4311b NIB $290.
Add a Hiquphon OW1 and build a set of these:MurphyBlaster Productions

Rythmik Audio 12" DS12 Servo Sub and Amp in a 2.5cf sealed bare MDF cabinet.
Shipping the cab could be pretty pricey. So I can ship finished sub or just driver and Amp.
With or without cabinet Sold.
New DS1200 Kits DIY kits go for $599 Rythmik Audio • Servo subwoofer Products - Custom Install series

2 New Energy 6" Mid Bass drivers kevlar cone and aluminum phase plug. $55/pair

Assorted crossover parts, resisters, capacitors and inductors most new Axon, Erse, Mills. pm and I'll send a list.

New Mirage 200Watt (800 Watt Peak) MM6 plate amp. $Sold plus shipping lower 48.
PM zip code and I'll quote shipping. Sold

Rythmic Audio Sub

Focal 6W4311b

Mission MM6 Plate amp

Energy 6" driver
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2008-07-24 6:19 am
Updated list Focal Audiom Utopia 6W4311b, Erse, Axon

Updated List:
Here is the list of resisters, caps and inductors. See pics at the bottom
I have more so I'll add them as I come across more of them.
I can fit all of it in a small flat rate box for $6.80 USPS.

Caps $1 each or all for $5
Axon (Most were in service for a short period of time they came from a DIY center channel that was never used then parted)
4.7, 6, 6, 12, 12, 15 and 30

Resistors $12 for all
(most are new some used for a short time.)
Sand Cast: $.50 each
3- 3ohm
2- 15ohm
Axon: $1.00 each
4- 20ohm
4- 7ohm
1- 6ohm green ($.50)
1- 3.5ohm green ($.50)
1- 3ohm

Inductors Air Core $1. each or all for $4.00
I'm pretty sure they are Erse I bought them from Eliot at Zalytron

Erse Steel core$5.00 each or all for $25
2- 3.3
2- 1.0?
2- 7.5



2008-07-24 6:19 am