FM Tuner performance measurement guideline

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Hello all,
Does anyone have information regarding the measurement parameters to be used in making Tuner performance measurements as per manufacturer spec's. Just for instance:

  • For FM Tuner distortion @65dBf 1kHz mono, what level of FM peak deviation is specified?
  • For FM stereo measurements what is the 19kHz pilot level? 10% ?
  • For FM stereo distortion measurements is the MPX generator set to L=R, or is only the channel under measurement (L or R) modulated?
  • What is the measurement bandwidth specification? 50-15kHz?
These are just a few of several questions that came up this morning while measuring an FM tuner I just aligned for comparison to the manufacturer spec sheet. Changing any of the above settings changed the levels measured.

These are the kind of details that I need to sort out to make tuner measurements for publication. A reference or link to a published guideline would be awesome and most appreciated. I have not found such a guideline on-line so far. Thanks, Mike
Many years ago, I remember seeing either an hp or Tektronix ap-note on FM tuner measurements. Unfortunately, I don't have it. Maybe google will help find it.

Thanks. From your suggestion I found a manual for an HP 8920 that has information on making measurements which will be helpful.
I am hoping to find an official standard like IEEE that lays out the rules of the road so to speak.
Pretty sure the measurement bandwidth is 50Hz-15kHz.

You might want to ask here: | Home

Thanks. I'm making best guesses at settings right now, like the bandwidth spec. Did post at FMTuners and AudioKarma forums

Hoping to find an official standard so I can know what the manufacturers use (or should!) so our numbers are apples to apples. I can find what settings give me the best numbers with some trial and error, but that doesn't make my measurements "legal" so to speak! is an application note from Tektronix regarding FM broadcast measurements using a spectrum analyzer.

Thanks Bill, I'll check it out. I think a relevant publication may be

ANSI/IEEE STD 185-1975: IEEE/IHF Standard Methods of Testing Frequency Modulation Broadcast Receivers

but not it's something I have ready access to.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.