Flat ribbons on small lcds

This question is gonna show how much of a rookie I REALLY am!!! I live in a very small studio apt., so I am opting for the smaller LCD panel as a base, due to the smaller area. I started my project today and ran into a problem. I have a 2" lcd and board from a casio tv. The ribbon is 20 pins. I noticed after putting it in and out a couple times, the very tip on a few pins was missing(the part where they go from wider to thinner, the thin part is what I am referring to). Obviously, now, I get no video signal to the LCD. I can kinda wiggle it a bit, get sound and a jumpy image, but nothing stable. Basically, I was unaware that the plug for these flat ribbons has a pop up locking mechanism on them. I believe plugging it in without unlocking this, is the culprit(not to mention my lack of knowledge). I was wondering, a couple things if anyone can help. Is the ribbon repairable? If so, what is the most feasible way to approach it? It isn't totally destroyed, just a couple bad tips. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, say you have an lcd that has a 26 pin ribbon, or mine 20. Would two panels with the same pin numbers have the same pin configuration? As in a Casio lcd with 20 pins, and a Sony with 20 pins, could one work just as well as the other or could they have different pin assignments? So, 26 pins all the same, or 20 all the same...basically, is a pin assignment universal within lcds with the same amount of pins? So if my current lcd ribbon is not repairable, could I use another lcd with 20 pins from a different manufacturer? I can't express how much any guidance would be appreciated. I made some mistakes early on, hopefully, I will gain knowledge from them!! Also, is it possible to extend the ribbons in length? IE, and adapter plug and extra ribbon? If so, where would be a good place to look for these? Thanks in advance, and I encourage those who read this to laugh at my mistake with the pin plug deal, cos I laughed myself!! Can't do anything but laugh, and hope it is fixable! Thanks, Todd