flat planel 15" projector

HI everybody...
I'm new on this forum but I read all this and i am very interested by building a projector....
First, I wanted to say you to excuse my english that is very bad, but you know, in france, it's very bad teatched..........
Seriously, I had an idea and wanted to know what you think about this.....
Why not using a 15" flat lcd panel that you can find for a good price, and utilize an optic like the thing you put on the front of your computer screen to enlarge his picture. I think with this technik you lose less light than whith a little optic....the only think i don t know is the focal distance of this kind of optic, if someone can light me???????
And for the light source, I think using a flash like in stroboscope, and why not using 3 4 or 5 flash that can reach something like 20hz each, so we can reach 100hz easily.....why do you think about this...
Thanks a lot
English not correctly teached in France ???

Hello hugobors,

I do not think that you should speak for everybody here...
I am French and learned English in school.
I do not agree when you say that English is "it's very bad teatched" in France.

I came here 3 years ago and was almost fluent, just by going to class... (No, I did not go to school until 30, I left when I was 18...).

For your question, there is a great discussion going on at http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=281

Go check it out, and have fun.

Bonne chance dans les recherches.
Il semble difficile de trouver une bonne lampe et un lcd haute resolution pour pas trop cher.