Flat bulk grill.

So I have been renting out PA equipment for the past 6 months and it has been very profitable. Expecially since I just do it in my free time.

Now, I have eight 18" reflex bins and for the longest time I have been using these standard round, driver grill covers.


I'm looking to get covers that cover the entire front of the box, like this.


Does anyone know of something such as, sheets of grill, in bluk. Something like that.
I buy mine at metal shops, but I also look at a few of the surplus/scrap metal dealers in town. The punched steel (all the little holes) looks best IMO, but can get expensive, the expanded steel grate also looks pretty good (the diamond shape cutouts) and you can get it in all different thicknesses and hole size, most places will cut it for you on a shear. Once painted/powdercoated, they all look good. I like buying it this way because I build the speaker, then take exact measurements (taking into consideration the thickness of carpet or Line-X) to the shop and have the exact size grill cut...
I still really like the expended grate. This one was for 3 12s and I welded a trim piece around it and had it powdercoated. I fugured you may go the same way with stand-offs since your boxes are already complete, usually I would build them to flush mount if I intended a grill like this from the start...


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