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FLASH! 15% Discount on Sasandu Tx Finale Loudspeakers! (Time Sensitive)

15 pc OFF 300ph.JPG

Note, this is just an FYI follow-up to my previously published review. A reader emailed me about this, so I checked it out, and there actually is a (temporary) 15% discount. I have no connection with Solen other than having bought speaker drivers from them and also their getting paid to design and build crossovers for my projects. I have no relationship at all with SB Acoustics.

Montréal-based Solen Electronique [LINK] is currently running a store-wide "Summer Sale," with graduated discounts from 5% to 15%, based on list price. (Items that are already sale-priced do not qualify.)

Upon inquiry, Solen confirmed that the 15% discount (promotional code SUMMER15) will apply to the SB Acoustics x Solen Sasandu Tx Finale fully assembled and tested loudspeaker, through September 21, 2023 (that date being the last day of Summer).

The one caveat, as has been always the case with Solen's assembled and tested Sasandu Tx Finale, is that there is not a Money-Back Guarantee. That's because the assembly and testing labor is considered to be Special Order.

However, that 15% discount (temporarily!) lowers the price of a pair of Sasandu Tx Finales to US buyers in the Lower 48 States from circa $9,450 to circa $8,000. (The indeterminacy owes to the fact that Solen prices their products in Canadian dollars, but currency-exchange rates fluctuate.)

Solen's manager Chris commented to me, "We would not mind selling a few pairs at a price that has very little profit in it for us, because those loudspeakers will become Ambassadors. We really want people to hear this amazing loudspeaker."

So, what in my published opinion was a loudspeaker with class-leading value for money, for the next three weeks or so, will be an even better bargain.

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