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Kaffimann, I just tested putting a member into your upgrade group and I'm not seeing the custom title box either. It should be below the avatar and above the date of birth fields.

When you click on your username at the top right of a page, do you see this (circled) or is it different?

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Are you a musician? Can we listen to your music online?I saw your personal site but it says nothing about making music. This is my last offtopic here, but we don't have many musicians amongst us so if you make music then please update your profile with that too :)
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If you really want to, I do not follow a specific genre so if you do not like the first tune you listen to you may like some of the others.


There's a little bit on youtube and soundcloud as well.
Which kind of music do you like? I may suggest a specific track if you want to try.
Almost all of it is instrumentals.

it says nothing about making music.
It's under "Music".

Apologies for derailing the thread.
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  • If they have entered something, the country name will now be appended, prefixed by a comma, to the location. Some members already have typed the country name in various forms or abbreviations thereof - those members will need to edit their location field to remove the country mention so there isn't a double up.

The added country name to the flags is a welcome change, but incorrect for the EU (European Union) flag, it's now named "Europe" which isn't a country nor a union, but a name for a geographical continent. There are still a few countries in Europe that are not part of EU.

A question arises here, if we would settle for the abbreviation "EU", then would we consider to change the current flag name "United States" to "USA", that in part because "United States" is also somewhat incorrect and more a colloquial form as the name of the country is (The) "United States of America", although most would know it's referring to the 50 states on the continent of North America.

"United States" according to https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/28/3002 :
(15) “United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States.
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And you are absolutely certain that this seemingly invisible field, that I have been looking very hard for, exists for us mere mortals?
I just had a look at the permissions, and this was not enabled for any membership groups, which is a little baffling as I'm sure someone else would have mentioned this in the last year, but it would seem it was never enabled post-migration, in which case either people think it's just not that important or they concluded it being missing was a bug or that they were going crazy.

I have gone ahead and switched this on for fanatic, patron and lifetime fanatic levels, and made mention of it in the bullet point list of benefits for those levels.

After some meditation, I have decided to not switch it on for the entry level, enthusiast, and leave it as an extra special benefit for the higher levels. While it hasn't been accessible in the last for anyone to update, if there is anyone who had enthusiast level who would like to keep or update their title (it was previously advertised as a benefit), just send an email to contact@diyaudio.com and I'll very happily update it for you! Any feedback regards this matter is welcome and can be posted here or send it directly to me at the helpdesk (just ask for me by name and your ticket will be redirected to me).

PKI - working on that for you...
Switches things on and off again
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A question if I may: why the "like" button disappeared from me?
I have looked at permissions and cannot see anything would affect that. All members who are in a valid state can react to messages.

Unless you are asking why you cannot react to yourself, in which case, that is the same for everyone - nobody can react to their own messages.

If you can't see the reaction button on someone else's messages, please post a screenshot and let me know the exact device / OS.