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Colin Benton

2016-06-02 11:16 am
I have a habit of do some comparison work before make any decisions .So when I need to purchase 10pcs PCBs, I sent my quotation email to three different websites I got from PCBShopper. is the first that replied to me .They asked me to register first and then there will be a sales representative to reply to me .I did so. Their sales representative is very attentive and professional. She listed out the specifications required and provided a general quotation for me ,which is a very competitive price. But it was not until the other two websites replied to me did I made my final decision. While, I didn't mean to offend them ,but the slow response and obvious aggressive attitude of pushing me to buy a.s.a.p. really made me annoyed. Hence, I chose ALLPCB.I just received my board today, haven’t tested yet, but the quality looks good.