First Time Poster: Need a DIY Project

Mr Malty

2013-03-23 1:31 am
Hi All,

First Post!:)

I have a dated system that I adore (before kids of course)
Revel Studio
Jeff Rowland Model 10 Amp
Transparent Musicwave Super
Sony SACD 777ES
EAD 8000 Pre-amp
unused: B&K 200.5, Velodyne DD12 with EQ and Mic

What I love is the rich vocals and deep/wide soundstage. What I would change is to improve off-axis listening. The sweet spot is ultra sweet but if you are not sitting in the perfect spot you feel like you are missing least I do.

That being said, I am older and wiser with my money. I fully believe that DIY can beat what I spent a fortune for.

I would like to build a L/R speaker that can keep up with my current setup for 4-5k or less. Is that possible? I have been thinking that building a monitor where I can incorporate the DD12 might be doable. Towers would be okay too.

I have access to crossover engineers and top notch carpenters for builds that exceed my comfort level. So don't hold back on build recommendations.

What build would you make if you were in my shoes?

Thank you!
I would just abandon the concept of the box with holes for the speakers.
If you really like 'em, go for noble materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum.
But the basic principle is that a speaker's got to be freestanding
You've already got some nice drivers, it's time you pick your screwdriver ( beware of the nearby membrane ! ) and do some Xperiments

Mr Malty

2013-03-23 1:31 am
Hi- I am in the middle of a home move, so I took the extra time to explore alternatives. I was looking carefully at the Nada 2-way kit but the price is 3x the price of the meniscus kit. Now I am back where I began... The meniscus kit with the upgraded crossover bits. I am 90% sure I will go this way. I won't close until the end of this month. That is when I get my tools back and plan to get to work. Please keep me posted on your results. I am excited for you. Did you go with standard crossover?