first time open baffle suggestion


2012-07-14 7:26 pm
Hey guys. The short story-I want to try an open baffle build. I already have-an infinite baffle subwoofer system, a mini dsp, a receiver, four channels of amplification, tools, and the will to experiment. What is a cheap (relatively) easy way for me to try a simple build? Existing plans with driver recommendations would be terrific. I would be happy to donate to the designer of said speakers if appropriate. Thanks!.

Also, I have already built some boxed speakers, so I have some construction experience.
Er...wrong forum ? The sound coming out of the speakers has to be full range, whenever it's generated by only one or by a plethora of speakers ...:rolleyes:
have you read the beginning of the Manzanita thread ?
(it's useful to those approaching with a passive crossover, thou ...)
There was a thread started by Sreten, also...something like 'OB for a beer budget'
I also did a simple OB...following those lines. Once you get the concept....
But OB follows the rules of dipole radiation, so the room plays with it; don't expect to put the speakers against or near the wall, 'cos it's wrong!
I now prefer much to have the backwave absorbed ( lots of 'pillows' behind ) and to be free with the positioning, but you can try; at least, you have eliminated one of the most common problem : the movement of the cone being modulated by the air compressed inside a box; the sound coming out the cone itself because it's transparent to bass & lower tones.
With all theses open baffle designs that use passive crossovers, you may notice that the crossovers become the most expensive part of the system. For example, the Manzanita has $140 in coils, caps, and resistors. An alternative is bi-amping with line level passive c!crossovers which are much smaller and less expensive. Or even active op-amp cross overs are an option. This may save $ and give you flexible system with adjustable crossover points.