first time LCD projector


2002-05-19 10:07 am
Hello to all my fello Projector-Philes

hi i am a newcomer to your sight but have to say its the best .i am about to embark on my first attempt at building a low cost LCD projector and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on its construction/materials and if anyones actually gotten one to work...i abhor the thought of spending 3 and 4 grand on something that is probably made for 2 or 3 hundred by the big money companies. any information you guys could give me would be greatly appreiciated and if i have ideas myself i will gladly share them with you.

one idea i have had for some time now is how everyones talked about having a sufficent highpower/low heat light source for there projectors that last for long times...often i see in hunting magazines and websights handheld spot lights that boast 1 2 and 3 million candle power beams with realitively low heat production and amazingly bright beams maby this could solve our power/heat problems. i hope this idea helps others in there quest.
Kobra, shssssssssssss

Yo! You already posted in the other thread's but, I wanted to say that if you really want the easy way, get a slide projector and a hi-res 1.8" panel!

If you want XGA then you definitely have to go the large panel route for now and a OHP.

They are relatively cheap and a good way to go to project your computer's screen on the wall at 10 ft wide!

However, if you are looking only to project a movie, let me recommend the small size approach.

My 2 yen.