First Solid State project

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I am looking for advice on which amplifier to build.

Before I get yelled at for looking for a spoon feeding let me explain....

I'm a long time lurker on this website, always wanting to get started but never actually doing anything about it (until now).

I took up Electrical/Electronic Engineering at university 3 years ago with the idea that somehow I'd magically know how to make an audio amplifier at the end of the course. (no need to remind me how naive I was ok...)

So now I'm faced with 3 months of summer holidays and a desire to start my first amplifier project.

I will be using this amp with purely digital sources (computer).

My knowledge level is probably low by this sites standards. I have however gained some useful skills at uni.

I am fairly proficient at Alitum Protel DXP and can easily manufacture *almost* professional looking PCB's at uni. My soldering skills are fairly good too, I have built a few electronics projects before, just nothing audio.

So what I am looking for is some advice on where to start. I realize this question gets asked every other day on this forum, so thanks for your patience.

What I am looking to build:

Integrated Amplifier driving these (also looking to build this summer): DD8-MkII

I think they are somewhat inefficient at 85db, so perhaps 100watts would be adequate to drive them loudly/clearly?

Class AB? I think I am leaning towards BJT's.

I listen to a fairly wide range of music, my favorites are nightmares on wax, cinematic orchestra, hip-hop, dance, sometime rock. I guess I like the bass to be more pronounced, and I like to have it really loud with no distortion if possible.

Budget: I would be prepared to spend about 700-1000 AUD's on this amp, if it was less then that would be a bonus.

My previous amplifier was a yamaha rx-v550, which I use with my tv for movies etc.

I don't have any parts at hand. I will be building this project entirely from scratch. Also I don't particularly want to build a kit, as this is as much about learning about where to source components from + learning building techniques as it is about the end product.

Thanks for any advice!
buy your resistor stock in packs of 100. Probably the same for diode stock.
Rapid in the UK, sell 600mW 1% 50ppm (1/4W size) metal film (MF60) for ~ £1.50/100.
I even bought 1000 1r0 (£12) for multi series/parallel duty around the output stage.
Buy a plug board to experiment.
If you can afford it, buy secondhand scope, signal generator, bench DMM and laboratory supply (dual outputs with dual meters is very handy).
biamping is one of the diy options that could take your system beyond consumer mid-fi

for the woofer a "chip amp"; bridged, paralleled if you want more power

then a discrete design at only 1/2 the woofer amp's power would match the tweeter senstivity


linkwitz for active xover

are all places to start searches for debugged project amps

where's our wiki for all of this?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.