First project - looking for inexpensive drivers

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Hi folks, after years of trying different ready-made speakers, I would really like to try a home-made full range design. The Frugal Horn has made an appearance since my last decco on the internet for suitable designs and it looks very tempting - a right royal match of straightforward to make, manageable size and excellent sound! Horrah :)
I'm a competent DIY wood-worker, but I'm a bit anxious about making my first pair of cabinets and wouldn't mind hedging my bets a bit by getting hold of an inexpensive pair of drivers - has anyone got a pair of unwanted full range drivers they want to get rid of? Or else can point me in the direction of new drivers that would be suitable for a cheap first build - my budget is for the whole mdf-based first project is about £50.
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Vifa or Peerless TC9FD, TG9FD, Dayton PS95-8, Dayton RS100-4, Faital Pro 3FE25, Dayton PA130-8

For a first build - try a Karlsonator. Any of the above drivers can work if scaled properly - most have plans for scale in following thread.

Some of the above drivers can work in Tabaq (not the Vifa's and not PA130-8).

If I had to pick one to recommend - go with the PA130-8 in a 0.53x scale Karlsonator.
Hey Bare,

I hear you but my own feelings now are that if you're looking at diy audio as a hobby for life I think messing about with cheap and nasty stuff is no harm? Practicing woodwork or the various other skills involved is no waste of time?

If you're here to build yourself a great system straight away, just go to one of the established builds.
If you just want to get your full range feet wet, I would get a pair of Aurosound NS3-193-8A1 3" drivers and build a pair of Woden Design Redeye cabinets. I would personally rather build the Bloodhounds using the new Alpair 5.2 drivers but they are over twice as expensive. I currently have some Fostex FF105WK drivers in some bass reflex boxes. They are decent sounding but a bit too dry for my taste, thus the Alpair recommendation.
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