First Project HT using Peerless/Vifa Drivers?

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HI All,
I am looking at the following drivers in a 5 speaker HT setup as my first project. (The second will be a sub)
Peerless 801730 Cone Tweeter 62mm 8 Ohms 100W (62 CT 13 40 PPB FF)
Vifa K10MD-19-08 Midrange 4.5" 60W
I understand that these drivers are not ideal, but with reasonably smooth curves should make design a little bit easier for a novice like myself.

My main concern is that using a midrange driver with an fs of 180hz may be too high, even teamed with a reasonable sub.

I can also get a hold of some vifa M22WR-19-04 Woofer 8" 150W or Vifa M26WR-19-04 Woofer 10" 150W and was thinking a 3 way would be nice, but these drivers are 4ohms and designed for cars and may well be a little difficult to add for this a first time system.

I am planning on having the speakers mounted on the walls (not too sure how yet) this will remove need for shielding as I can have them a fair way away from the Tv/AV Equipment. (Although a 3 way using 8" or 10" drivers would make them too big for this anyway.)

There is more than likely a few issues here but any help on all or any would be great.

The choice of the above drivers is purely $$$$ based as these are currently available cheap through a liquidated company here in Australia.
Gee if I tell you that there will be none left by the time I get to purchase.....
Have a look at the parts section and you will see lots of Vifa nd Peerless, mainly 4ohm and car drivers.
I was lloking at the D25AC-05-06 (Pair) Tweeter 1" 100W also as a potential instead of the peerless 801730's
I am using LSPCAd Lite to try a few things, but am not having much luck with the 810730 details. I am trying to convert some of the numbers into what it wants.

Don't bother using the K10 in a 2way it is a mid only & will not work with a sub.
If this is your first project don't attempt a 3way they are very difficult to get right.
I would suggest a 2way either using a 5-6.5" Vifa (P13 or P17)or Peerless bass & Vifa dome tweeter.
I've just designed & built a system using the Peerless 850488 & Vifa D25ag35, really simple xover & great sound.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.