First Project Completed - Dual 10" Subs

You might want to invest in some grill cloth. The pink Pyle logos are a bit feminine looking

I don't mind......I kinda agree. I am just happy to get them to where they are at. Someday, I want to build a one sub enclosure (12" NHT or Adire) and build it into a coffee table/end table. I have seen that project posted somewhere and I thought it was an excellent idea.

Ive just finished my first Subwoofer project as well, yours looks sick, mine isnt painted yet,

I had to make mine at college because i have no tools at all. as soon as i finished sanding and sealing the box I took it home straigt away for testing

My sub involved:

85 litre box
12" US audio woofer
2 ports tuned 19 hz

40cm wide x 40cm depth x 60cm high

350 watt at 4 ohms plat amp from ebay with remote and volume module

My output responce is not flat at all from 20hz - 60hz there is a 25 db difference, 20hz being 90db at 1 meter outside

I am so proud of my DIY subwoofer

MUST MAKE ANOTHER ONE:devilr: but this time witha tempest 15" D2 woofer witha 200 litre box. It will Cane:smash: