First post. First Build.

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Hi! I'm new to the forums.

I want to eventually build a 5.0 home theater set up but seeing as how i dont have any experience i plan to just build the front/mains for now. So they need to be able to handle the low end as i will be 2.0 for a while and i dont want a seperate subwoofer anyway. so i was thinking maybe a sealed mtm type setup?

I wont be building anything for awhile due to my lack of knowledge which is why i am here. I want to learn everything i can. So what books should i pick up?:D
Gooday Ridley

Welcome to the forum.
There are plenty of kits available at the major parts suppliers
I am in Aussie land but places like Madisound in the US seem popular.
A kit is the ONLY way to start if you are new as there are plenty of traps and you will be guaranteed of success.
Help will also be available from the supplier as well as this forum.
You can get them with pre-made cabinets or make you own
Good luck with your endeavour!!!
If you go with a kit it will allow you to extend the system fro 2.1 to 5.1 using the same kit base ensuring that all your speakers will be "voiced "the same- very important in H/T.
The success of any speakers that you decide to build will depend on your planning, resources, budget, time, skills and persistence.
A kit will shortcut and ease the process.
Cabinetwork requires the use of a high quality table saw just to cut the bits!
A proven design needs to be applied
Issues such as sensitivity, frequency range and resolution need to be addressed.
IMHO I think that whatever method you decide you will enjoy both the building and the outcome
Good luck.
Keep us informed of your progress, please!
Hi and welcome,
If I were to build a 5.1 system I would make 5 identical bass reflex speakers with these coaxials, that come with a nice passive XO:

Maybe in a box like Tannoy's BIG and ugly DMT 15 or something more appealing aesthetically, like adapting a Dimension box to handle a 15 inches. Very large speakers though. I bet they sound good. ;)

Link to ugly but proven Tannoy enclosure:

maxlorenz said:
Look into the above link and you will see that the 15' coaxial has a 15' partner woofer.

The original idea is OB but I think they will sound nice on a bass reflex box.


How would i do a center? Also i have never heard a system like that would it be good for music and moves? I'm not sure if im willing to throw down that much money on something that is kinda like an experiment. it does not seem like the high end would be very good. What are some other options?
Why shouldn't they be excellent for movies and music?

Center: with speakers that big, the problem is available space. You could make the box horizontal, with vents at each side of the front baffle...I'm sure the wise can help here.

They also have a 10 inch coaxial, but there one must add a woofer.
Something like this:

HF: you could add a supertweeter if you feel you need it. Simple one cap passive crossover...

Have you heard coaxials, like Tannoy?

Hey, I'm only trying to help :angel:

Good luck...
I have never heard coaxials by Tonnay. Especcially not 15" coaxials. Would i want to do dual 15"? And would it be better ported or sealed? I have always prefered sealed myself but i have never heard/listened to speakers like these. Also wouldn't it cause issues not having the center channel shielded?

If i build these i would want to sorta hide the coaxials cause IMO there pretty ugly. But im sure after hearing them i could careless. I would properly do 15"s front and back, Then use the 10" for center but my biggest concern is shielding.
Wow, those are really good looking.

I see you are not afraid of big speakers.
Your project is big enough to be planned thoroughly.
You see I can advice (and probably design too) some good big speakers but I am unable to test them or take them to the top of their performance so I hesitate...I hope the Wise amongst us jump-in :angel: for I am no expert...

See, the nice thing about this approach is that it can be actively biamped or converted later into a two boxed solution: coaxial (HF to midbass) closed box; woofer (LF) ported box. (if you feel the bass is weaker than expected).

In fact, I was planning an actively biamped stereo system with trapezoidal shaped boxes "á la Tannoy" before the horn fever caught me :D (I still use the trapezoidal woofers).

See what the intelligent Japanese like:

Willing to help, in the measure of my strengths...
At first i thought the speakers by themselves were ugly but when i saw them in those baffles i changed my mind. My plan is to just do the coaxials first then add the other 15" later. then later ill build dual 10" for the rear and a single for the center. should be a great setup once done. saddly i won't be able to buy the coaxials tell next year once i get the money. There is so much i can do with these woofers. i'll have to experiment.
When they arrive, take deep breath, then relax and plan ahead your movements. Specially, have you screwed before? :clown:

I mean, take care to prevent accidental damage to the drivers when, well...screwing...

If you find that HF is not ideal, after appropriate burn-in, I would take off the "dust cap" fact, I did that on my Beyma, which gave more detail and clarity.

Have fun.
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