First Pictures of my First Project

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This is my first project and here are the first pics. They need to finish curing for another week before I can tell you how they sound, but I think they look great. What do you guys think? The drivers are in a MTWW configuration with a Vifa PL 4" mid, Fountek JP3 tweeter, and Dayton RS 10" woofer. Also, any naming suggestions?

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Ok, here is a good one, I have one port hole, but I am pretty sure I need two, because one isn't very long at all (on the order of 4-5")

So I need to take a router to the rear.....

Ahh... so scary... Don't know if I want to....

Maybe someone can run the calcs for me to check me. 200 liters, minimal stuffing (will be minimal) but with acoustic foam I ordered from parts express. 4" flared port, ported at 25hz.

I've asked about this before, and I even have another port on order, but, is it a good idea to put another hole in this beautiful box? :)

Oh and it helped that my family owns an autoparts store and we could order the paint for cheap :)
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bjackson said:
Right, exactly my hope, but I'm just scared to marr it up while doing the cutting, or mess the whole thing up when I am so close

I've never had to do this after finishing but I'd suggest a soft cloth, such as a duster rag and place it between the circle jig and cabinet. Without it your going to almost certainly leave a circular rubbing pattern on the paint finish.

Make sure you cut if BEFORE you wax and even better, go over with the finish with t-cut or a fine rubbing compound after the cut.

If your careful, this will turn out fine but there is a margin of error that you should be aware of. At worse you'll need to respray a small area and the fact its to the rear means nobody is likely to see it.
Nice job!

I use double sided carpet tape and mount a thick piece of felt on the shoe of my jigsaw, or on the base of the router when I have to go making mods to a finished piece. It helps to have a vacuum cleaner hose duck taped to the power tool sucking near the cutter as well to keep debris from getting between the felt pad and the workpiece. In your case I'd wait until the finish was rock hard to reduce the ease with which the painted surface can be scratched or torn.
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