First focus then diskmotor spinning ?


2005-09-02 10:23 pm
Hello ,

I am working on a cd player (Sphinx project nine) with CDm1 MK2 drive. on the circuitboard wich is mounted below the drive there is the tda8808/8809 chipset. I replaced the laser with a new one coming from a CDM4 drive and now the disk motor is not spinning.
I don't now if the laser must first focus before the diskmotor gets the command for going to spin. I see a red light in the laser and also the focus lens and arm are moving when i push the play button. Is there a way to overrule the focus to get the disk spinning with this chipset ? just to check if the hall motor is ok.
I am working a long time on this player and replaced almost all chips just to be sure including the tda8808/8809 the SAA7310
and many more. I can not identify the circuitboard below the drive it looks like original philips and maybe it is in some other player. Can some body please give me an answer about this see the picture for the cicuitboard.

Thanks Rene.:xeye:


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