First crossover design


2011-12-02 3:19 pm
I have built a couple of speaker projects already, and am wanting to start another project. I would like to start from scratch, and design and build the crossover myself. However being that this will be my first design, I would like some suggestions on what will be helpful with this. I have seen a couple of books written on crossover design theory, is there any particular one that is better or more helpful than the others? I know that I will also need to purchase testing equipment such as a woofer tester, mic, etc. Are there any suggestions on which ones are good and which ones to avoid? Is there any software available that would assist me in this project? I have tinkered with Passive Crossover Designer and WinISD, just wanting to know if anybody has exprience with other programs they liked better. Budget isn't my top priority, but I would like to keep costs low if possible. The goals of my project are to have a two way bookshelf (maybe floorstanding, havent' fully decided yet) using a 6.5" or 7" woofer and a 1" soft dome tweeter. I am looking to have reasonably flat response down to 80 Hz where it will be crossed over to a sub. Impedance is not a concern, my amplifier is 4 ohm capable (outlaw model 770 :D). Haven't decided on drivers yet, though I do like the Scanspeak Discovery series. I will eventually be building seven of these speakers for a 7.2 HT system. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.