first build drivers selection?

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hey again, everyone. so, i'm looking to build my first set of speakers (3way) for about $500. I will mainly be playing minimal techno and would love that low freq bass dance club feeling from the stack. here's and example of the kind of music i'm playing. lots of depth and bass is needed :) doesn't need to be super loud. just deep. parts express has a sale on the Celestion 15" woofers. Celestion 15" Professional Woofer 8 Ohm 299-418 so i thought i would just do those if anyone has experience with them... can I get a reccomendation on midrange and horn tweeter? (would really prefer horn style!) boxes can be big. recliner size, not couch size. thanks again, sorry for the somewhat duplicate post.
... Boxes can be a good size. not couch size... but recliner size

Hey sansterre,
Did you notice the Vas?
Did you read the specs notes?

Note: For best bass response, install this 15" woofer into a 6.25 cubic foot cabinet tuned to 46 Hz with two 4" diameter ports that are 1" long.
Celestion 15" Professional Woofer 8 Ohm 299-418

This driver works great in a vented cabinet with 303L / 10.7ft³ tunned to 27 Hz. A little bigger than you think... :D
(What country/flag are you for local comp. prices?!)
Ok, reading it again, so this is the main speaker (+subs or one sub as in the Subwoofer thread
Doesn't need to go low but needs to perfect match the sub in a mix environment/studio (I'm I correct?!).
If you place it in a sealed 150L enclosure (main speakers for Celestion) you will have crossover at ~60Hz/F3 or 50Hz/F6 for sub at same frequency. Now for a budget speaker I would go with a Econowave type project. :)
Now for the horns. :D
CD Beyma CP380/M is as good as it gets here.
Waveguide Horn 14"x10" QSC 152i here
HPR152i Parts
If using a 10" options would be (example) BMS 4544, horn Eighteen Sound XT1086. (Econowave 10") BMS equivalent to B&C DE25/DE250
BMS 4544 CD
BUILD: (not so) Econowave 10" - TD10M, HF10TX, XT1086
Resources for the 15" Econowave: ;)
Horn recommendation for Beyma CP380M Compression Driver
QSC 152i Waveguide at Parts Express
If using active crossover for the driver in high pass you can experiment it OB as a test only, not good for this driver as warning from simulation software - Qtsp, Diam = 0.504, 38 cm for Qtsp=Qmsp*qesp/(Qmsp+qesp).
fatty 1x15 cabinet
with Celestion BL15-150. Coefficient tot surtension(overstraining) = Qtsp 0.600

If using the alignment from the link above from post #2, F3=42Hz, F6=37Hz to crossover with subs.
6.25ft³ = 176.98L
CELESTION 15 Professional Woofer - OEM, VB = 177.0 L, FB = 46.0 Hz
This vented alignment vs. the sealed 150L enclosure being more convenient and better quality/group delay also. You can make it smaller an F3 goes up for higher crossover with sub.
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haha! great! I'm reading the econowave, and it seems pretty good to begin with. I'll couple it with that Sub we're talking about in the other thread to get down low. 6 cubic ft seems pretty manageable to me! I'm writing from Canada but will be making a trip down to the states later this month and was going to order everything off parts express then bring it back. I'll read up on the Econowave and pester you all again once I have a better idea of what's needed. thank you for pointing me in a direction, haha!
sorry guys, one more quick question... which econowave build would you reccomend for most bass? from what I understand people are say the Delite12 model is putting out the most low end. The cost is still ~$200 out of my price range. I don't want to put together a unit that's not worth having... is it possible to swap parts around on these or will that screw the whole thing up? I'm looking to build the cabinets myself, not order their package.
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