First build , Active Double folded tapped horn


2016-02-11 7:56 pm
Hay guys,

so tonight i am starting to make volvotreter Tangband Double folded tapped horn This is my first (proper) build so any help along the way would be appreciated .

So i got my panels today after waiting 3 long weeks,
and after paying an extortionate amount (i found this out well to late :mad: )


So here i go first panel glued and clamped....


Iv bought a Mivoc 80 plate amp to power the sub . it JUST fits into the back panel with nothing to spare, Will installing this mess with the sound quality ? it is going to take up a fair amount of space in the rear chamber.

Anyways ill keep you guys posted on how its going if anyone is intrested to know. Got a long weekend off work and cant think of a better way to spend it ! :D:D


2016-02-11 7:56 pm
I have just finished the glueing stage of the cabinet . i put the plate amp in the back and ill have to agree with you on putting it somewhere else , there is barely any room for the air to move past the crossover . how badly do you think it will effect the sound ?. i'm not the best at cutting panels accurately.

Think i'm going to do a test fire just clamping the side panel on to see what it sounds like
For the "external box" all you need is 2 or 4 boards cut to length. If the amp has a housing on the back you can use 2 boards. If it is open electronics use 4 boards so the electronics are covered and drill some holes for ventilation. You can use 1 x 4's or 2 x 4's or even ply. Just measure the depth of the amp and get some boards and attach it to the back of the speaker box with glue or screws. Doesn't have to be perfect and you can cut the boards by hand, jigsaw, circular saw etc.

Zero D

2009-08-06 11:11 am
@ Samlan

Anything that restricts the air flow will not be good. How bad it's difficult to say, but you Won't get the result you had hoped for initially !

If you make a wooden box for the amp, as jonbourg suggests, drilling Lots of holes above is Strongly advised. Also i would below too with the same amount. 10mm holes should work.