First attempt question: Cone and port placement

Hi all,

This is my first post, so you'll have to bare with me. I've done most the theory with WinISD and, yes, I will be using a subwoofer originally meant for a car because it's cheap enough and easy to get my hands on, but I'm only looking to build something that sounds pretty good down to 30Hz-ish - not win competitions, evacuate bowels or attract the attention of too many authorities (I'm also very used to the sound of M/Media subs from the likes of Altec Lansing). Basically, all I'm trying to figure out now is the best place to put the cone and porting on my first attempt at a DiY subwoofer.

Currently, I'm thinking of sitting the whole assembly on small legs with both the cone and port(s) facing towards the ground. I figure this offers the best protection for both, but can't help wondering if perhaps this will dampen the sound somewhat. The floor the speaker will be living on is a normal, low-pile carpet with underlay over concrete, to give some indication of it's accoustic damping properties.

To this end, would I be better off investing in a speaker grill and facing the cone out to the side, with the port either on the same side or directly opposite, or is the placement of these somewhat of a moot point, so long as they're there? I have read that most of a subwoofer's sound comes from the panels themselves, but I do have to wonder.

Thanks for your time.