Fire alarm interface to PA systems not responding

Henry Acho

2019-11-08 2:50 am
Hi guys
please I would like to have an experienced opinion on what might be the possible reason for PA system to fail to execute a command from the fire alarm panel when an alarm was silenced but the PA systems' evacuation message kept on playing for some time after activation by sprinkler was detected as false alarm.
more details on the PA systems Are the systems in question are networked based.
Discharge of duty would require notifying the alarm installer. As this is not a failure to detect but rather non vital function you do probably do not need to notify the Authority Having Jurisdiction also known as the Fire Marshal.

You also need to be clear about the difference between a PA system and an Emergency Notification System. PA systems are not rated for emergency notification use and require a waver when so used.

Most likely either an operator or software error.

Do keep notes on your notification to the alarm installer and any response. If the failure invokes saftey include the AHJ.
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