Finding tweeter for Alesis M1 MKII

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Basically I bought a pair of the M1 Mkii of Alesis back in 2014, one of them stopped working.

As the original part (7-02-0028) is discontinued (and as far as I know it should be better to change BOTH the tweeters)

I do not know if
a) I shall sucumb and buy a replacement fom eBay

b) Give up, buy another pair of whatever and try to sell "my monitor and a half" as replacement parts

c)Do what they said in the thread below, and buy a pair of tweeters that fit (sama size, 4 ohm resistance) alesis M1 active Mk2 tweeter
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Probably a broken voice-coil.

Alesis M1Active MKII

First thing I do is see what will fit. What is the rebate or front plate diameter?

94mm, 98mm, 100mm, 104mm?

I'd be interested in the lead out pins, just to save making new crimp connectors.

Most of them are the small 2mm type. Do note polarity or colour coding when taking these things apart. Write it down

Loads of soft-dome tweeters about. I would guess these are quite loud 1" types around 92dB.

Peerless, Vifa, stuff like that. Not sure I worry about getting a matched pair really. Tweeters are tweeters, especially with active drive.
they are 94 mm,

the thing that bothers me about ebay is the fact there is not guarantee it will work.

I keep hearing that "as it is active, the sound depends more on the circuit rather than the tweeter itself." So, know I am wondering if I should drop the cheapest stuff I find just to check it out. :p
I was thinking it might be 94mm.

This severely limits what is available in soft domes.

But doable. What sort of construction are we looking at here? Big back chamber, or just a magnet? 1" diameter presumably. Bit of a waveguide or curved front plate.

The Morel CAT 298 comes in 94mm. Might be some SB Acoustics that will fit too. They make some smallish ones. SEAS make several 94mm jobbies, but they tend to be 3/4" domes.
Availability can be a problem. Looks like that part is sold out.

It's the 94mm plate that is causing grief here.

Morel CAT 298 (89dB?) and CAT 378 (which is quite a deep mounter with a waveguide, so narrower dispersion at 92dB) look plausable. Smaller 3/4" tweeters don't go low comfortably, so are not ideal.

I can't think of any tweeters that go below 3 ohms, and most are 4-6 ohms.

I would think you can order from someone like Parts Express, particularly if the package is below a certain value, so no taxes. Don't know about local availability.
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