Finding replacement LF Driver for 2-way Cabinet

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I hope you guys don't mind but I'm going to ask a noob question and I'm going to take it first from a general perspective and then also ask for specific suggestions if anyone is willing.

The basic issue is I've got a pair of 2 way cabinets that I use for a mobile small club rig. The 15" LF Driver in one of them failed and I'm not able to source an OEM replacement. So my question is, what is the general process you'd follow in order to determine which of the currently available options on the market today is best suited as a replacement. The port diameters can't be changed but the length of the vents could be shorted. The volume of the enclosure and the cross-over frequency will remain as per OEM. What should I be looking at in general terms or is there a method to follow to find the right replacement.

Now speaking in specifics. The boxes are Mackie (please hold your vomiting until the end) S215 passive speakers. They have dual 3 in round ports with 3.5" long tubes. The cabinets themselves trapezoidal and factoring in the crossover, horn and other intrusions are just under 3 cu ft. They currently have fiber filling which could be removed. The crossover point is 1.3kHz according to mfg specs. The previous LF driver was an OEM'ed RCF 15", 8 ohms, 300W RMS. I don't have any other specs at this point, although I will be calling Loud when they open today to see what info they're willing to share.

Below are some of the potential replacement models I'm considering:
Celestion: FTR15-3070C or FTR15-4080F
Eminence: Delta Pro 15A, Kappa Pro 15A
Dayton: PA380-8

Any guidance or suggestions you guys can offer either in general terms or specific to my situation would of course be appreciated.
1. If you give reference model for the driver (RCF 15", 8 ohms, 300W RMS), you will be close to a replacement, without brand/model or full specs, or just OEM and any other reference besides that I would say you would be doing guess work, and losing your time. Have in mind that a blind replacement might work or not, but if you're buying it you will never know before hand. ;)

2. Place an order or recone. Placing an order for the new woofer part #0010658. Or recone it, replacing the voice coil, voice coil lead wires, spider, cone, surround, dust cap and gaskets. Replacing all of these parts, "the moving parts" will essentially give you a new speaker.

Mackie - S215 repair guide.pdf

Note: read REPAIR on page 8 of S215 Owner's Manual here
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