Finder shortcuts Windows XP (like those in Mac OS)

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I have used Mac since 1985(!) and W95 since 1995 until now. A few days back I bought a P4 1.8GHz and said also thanks for good service to my 486.

Now, does it exist any shortcuts like in Finder CMD-N for a new folder, CMD-I for show information etc, in XP? Where do I find information about this?

I don't want to start a burning debate here but "Finder" in XP really sucks. Fast and smoothe are not the words here. I'm longing for Mac OSX. What a UNIX OS!!!! Smoothe is the word.
cannot help you with your Q .. have not found much in XP that does not suck, got it demoed during and after installation, decided not to update my windoze computer to it. I am not permitting my computer to ask BillyBoy for permission over the net anytime i hit a key.

I got Windoze 2000 instead which NT4-like but more modern. A buddy running a computer shop software business told me that customers ask to get W2k instead of XP very often, he sells more W2k licenses than XP ones. :bigeyes:

For my web computer i have Linux. I prefer the KDE user interface very much.
If you are comfortable with the Mac, why not have a windoze computer where needed and a Mac for the rest?
XP supporter

I've had XP since February and I think it's great. It took a while to pick a setup that I liked because there are so many extra features enabled from the beginning that it is cumbersome. Once I got rid of the things that nobody will ever use, I was extremely pleased. I never had 2000, but XP is 1000 times more stable than old 98. I haven't crashed the OS yet. As far as the "Finder" goes, I doubt there is much if anything different from what was on 95. Good Luck!

I got a private answer also but I suspect that some people missunderstood me. I ment key stroke shortcuts. one thing with only a keystroke. How do I find a file in Mac OS? Press only CMD-F and type and hit enter, BOOM, 5 seconds later you have searched through 20000 files and this with a slow 266 MHz G3. How do you navigate in volumes in XP compared with a Mac? Much faster in Mac!

The desktop concept, Microsoft can't really deside what they meen and how the implentation should be. Some programs doesn't like double clickning if the program already is running, some programs has a application window with document windows inside and some has windows outside and worse some has both!! In Mac you have only ONE way, windows only!

If you compare W95 with XP, what is now in cool things? Of course of lot but compared with Mac it don't seems much. I haven't yet worked with Mac UNIX but I hear good reviews everywhere, even from Windows, Linux and Unix users.

And Austin I still use Mac to 90-95 % of my work. I only do programming on PC and this area is a mess. I have had my first serious crash with XP and programming software. Since we talk about stability, my old Mac OS 9.0.4 together all sorts of extentions works very nicely. I have a hang-up once a month maybe, fairly stable I would say. I have heard reports about Mac OSX which says VERY stable like a real UNIX system.

Still XP is nice Windows version, no question about that.

One thing though with the hardware: A standard nothing fancy Mac G4 has firewire, USB2, Ethernet, sound, speakers, modem PLUS three free PCI-slots!!!

My Dell P4 with firewire, USB 1.1(!), modem, ethernet, sound has NO free PCI-slot!!! And to almost the same price!!!
Power toys may help:


I know there are various keyboard shortcuts to do things already set up. Try cntrl e or windowsbuttin e as quick exampled while in Internet Explorer for example.

While you are at it, turn on cleartype for much improved viewing in ALL applications (antialiasing in colour domain):
I have found an undocumented feature in XP which makes it even more Mac alike: :)

I like opening a window with the original open BUT in a fast way change this to opening in the same window. How do I do that on a Mac? Just hold ALT down when you duoble click on a folder. How do I do this in XP? Just use CTRL and do the same.

How do I do the other way around, navigating upwards? Hold down ALT while you click in the name bar. XP, hold down CTRL and click "One folder up" Cool!

But now the trick question: I have 78 windows open on a Mac. How do I close the all at once? Just press ALT and the close button.

How do I close all windows in XP? Anyone who knows?
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peranders said:
One thing though with the hardware: A standard nothing fancy Mac G4 has firewire, USB2, Ethernet, sound, speakers, modem PLUS three free PCI-slots!!!

Just to be picky: A standard nothing fancy Mac G4 has firewire, USB (still 1.1 i'm pretty sure), Ethernet (1000BaseT), sound (in/out, headphone jacks, amplified output to drive [Apple] speakers), speaker (35mm HK), modem, 4 free PCI-slots, a dual monitor card, 2 processors, room & buses for 4 ATA drives, and OS 10.2 (BSD+Mach Kernal+display postscript++++). only has room for 2 GB (DDR) RAM. Comes in the best designed case ever made for a PC.

I have the 10.2 disks here awaiting time to install them. Have been running X for 6 months. Love it.


me biased?
this is the one i am getting they made a mistake on there sight

do you know if dvd-ram drive will burn normal cd's


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