Finally making a post!


2008-01-15 12:19 am
After roaming the site for months I just registered and wanted to make my 1st post saying hello.

I'm an audiophile and a bit of a tweak/freak when it comes to either recording or playback in my studio or my listening room and usually love every minute of it.

I've become more and more interested in finding out how components are made and the playback I hear is affected by internal/external changes to my system(s) and have found this to be a great site with a lot of useful info.

My current 'listening room system consists of
-Maggie 3.6's
-Cambridge Audio 840C
-Omega Mikro cables and power cords
No major mods on this system for now and will be changing source equipment soon and hopefully getting a tt as soon as $ permits...until then I'm enjoying what I have and enjoy working on my lil 'projects'.


*I rarely review my posts before submitting