Finally have my DC300a hooked up !!

Bought a DC300a last year , very good example , clean & original.
Did intend to hook it with my Quad 44 pre and use it then.
Changed my mind and decided to look for an IC-150 pre and after almost a year of trawling ebay I got one !! A real minter in full working order and , critically , a 240 volt line version !

This is the thing , I had previously considered my Quad 44 / 606 (with some custom mods of my own !) to be a good sounding combination and whilst not expecting miracles from the Crown duo , I have been knocked sideways by the results !!

On paper the 300a is not that much more powerful than the Quad but it is in practice , with more authority and more sharply defined bass.

Overall the sound is more lucid and articulate , something I definitely was not expecting !!!

Over the years I've heard many fine systems including some really high end stuff , but this '76 ish vintage combo stands comparison without shame , indeed , it would surprise many !!

Now I'm thinking it might be wise to replace the reservoir caps and any other known components prone to failure , any comment sthere would be welcome.

For now , the Quads will go into storage while I continue to explore the Crown's sonic abilities !!


2005-09-17 4:01 pm

Glad you are happy with the crown dc300a......

people either love or hate the ic150!

A good place to start with replacing parts is to replace the 3 smallish electrolytic capacitors on the main board....

Also the 2 x mpsa92/93 transistors which are on the little dual heatsink on the mainboard.....
ACD said:
How is the IC150 compared to the QUAD ??

I haven't tried the Quad 44 with the DC300a so cant make a comparison directly with the IC-150.

However , it must be making a large contribution to the overall sonic quality in combination with the DC300a.

I would describe it as expressive , detailed & smooth. As a benefit the retro looks are cool !!