finally getting going


2004-06-06 10:37 pm
Although I actually registered a few years ago I drifted away from audio a short time after. I'm losing my audio chain to the point that I'm now driven do something (no small feat!). My Dynaco ST70 needs tubes, my Dyna MK3 needs quad cap replacements, and my Audible Illusions preamp seems to be having problems. I already have cap boards for the MK3s, and I would like to upgrade the preamp. My timing may be off, as often happens, for the Pass Pearl phono, we shall see. I'm interested in the Aikido from Glassware. Since I have little knowledge of electronics I will be relying on kits--scratch built is a ways off. I'll be looking for a PSU board/kit for the Aikido, so if anyone can point tthe way it would be much appreciated. In the meantime I do have backup, fortunately.

At any rate I'm looking forward to learning from the many talented people on this site.