Final Sound 0.3 Manual/Tweaks

Hi all, thanks for reading.

I know there are recommended cap changes here:

Namely: "The ESL section has two caps in parallel. One blue 1mF bypass cap and a small black 33mF bipolar cap.

I replaced the 33mF with a Mundorf Mcap and the 1mF with a 1mF Mundorf Supreme oil/silver.

The woofer section has one intertechnik 2,20mH coil glued to the board. I replaced that one with a mundorf copperfoil coil of 2,20mH. This one is from the crc 12 series (54mm in height).

Oh, before I forget: I desoldered the original powercord and replaced it with thick shielded Belden powercable".

But this aside I wondered if anyone has an actual manual at all? It seems to be like proverbial rocking horse s*** to get hold of.

I've just picked up a second hand pair (pretty much as I was after any set up any time soon (as I couldn't live without ESL's any longer)).

As such there's a host of mods I'll need to do but in the interests of others in future I'll post pics here as they get done.

Any help/suggestions gratefully received.

PS I've just become familair with having to coat the panels now and again etc, the plot thickens and thickens. God knows how to get the covers off.
Hi Nathan

I thought you were going to wait a while before you went down the stat route....but it's good to see that you have.

Rob Mackinlay at ErAudio has some experience with 0.3s so it might be worth dropping him an email. I recommend asking him.

Does this mean the vofos are consigned to the cupboard??? tell me it isn't so!




2009-10-17 7:02 pm
final sound 0.3 hybrid

Hi are these boards the same as yours,
i have bought these as a project but they dont have power supplies with them can anyone confirm that they have 12v ac inputs as it seems some models had 230v mains inputs


2009-10-17 7:02 pm


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2009-10-17 7:02 pm
Hi nathan i replaced the mylar diaphragms this week,not to difficult to get apart really,the hardest part is tensioning the film,it took me three attempts.they are now back together and are playing quite well.Where did you get your caps from did you use the same as the previous qoute.