Filter Auditioning In Software

Hello All,
Does anybody know of software that enables playback of say, a wave file, and application of different filter types and slopes, with definable passbands to say, a stereo output soundcard for single band auditioning, or a two-way system simulation, and multichannel (multiband) output from a four channel soundcard for 3 way or 4 way simulation, or a sound editor program maybe that can be configured to do something like this ?.

Also is there software to enable application of setable levels of particular harmonics to an existing wave file ?.

Also is there a way to send a wave file through a simulated schematic in cad, and hear the resultant ?.

Maybe I'm just expressing everybody's dream, or maybe some of these bits are out there in the cyber ether ?.

Any help is much appreciated of course !. :)

Regards, Eric.
The Pro version of LspCAD has this ability. It's the emulator function.

Also, the new version of Soundeasy from Bodzio software will have this capability as well.

There are some interesting software limitations with these based on your operating system and soundcard, so it's best to check before buying.