File formats

Hi all,

Just purchased an OpenDRC DI,downloaded OpenDRC 2*2, installed REW and Rephase and started using them to correct my passive multyways.
After reading, I tried setting the EQ on REW for minidsp, but cannot import the settings directly, I have to manually insert the 6 PEQs by hand..not much work r, but as I understand you should be able to export them as txt, and I just can´t get that to work. I am using version 5,19 of Rew, and 1.4.3 of Rephase by the way, and they seem to not be in the same page as to exactly wich format is expected and exact file content , somehow...

So exactly what formats does OpenDRC expect for REW basic Eq ( 6 PEQ), advanced Equing generated on Rephase , and FIR, and what do I have to do to make importing all this back and forth beteween REW-Rephase and Opendrc a smooth process, or do I have to edit the files somehow or change formats?
Thanks everyone