Fet nine, 10 differences?


2006-07-10 1:15 am
Hello all, I have been able to find a fair bit online about the Threshold fet 10 topology and have been fortunate enough to have one on loan for a while and have loved the way it sounded. To me just the right amount of color and no excess of anything much. Bass was nice and tight also. I have some big electrostat/transmission line hybrids and, while old, they please me no end.

Anyhow - If anyone might help that has the knowledge - Can someone tell me the similarity (if any) or difference between the fet nine line section and the fet 10? Are they similar at all? Also I have seen one person saying the only difference from HL to HL/e or He is a change to zener ccs on line boards and bigger psu and cosmetics. Is this correct? Thank you to all you chaps that post (and also to the venerable Mr Pass for whom I have the greatest respect as designer and human being). Kind regards, Trevor in Australia.