Fender Box Construction Question

I'm sure that many are aware of early Fender amps being constructed of pine wood with finger joints.
I'm wondering when did Fender move to MDF for the boxes?
I'm looking at a used Twin Reverb empty cabinet and while it is old, probably 1960s the seller doesn't
think it is pine.
The grill comes off and is held on with velcro if that offers any dating info.
That makes sense thanks.
Here's a picture:
Is that the cab for sale?
that logo and style with " made in USA"
is 1980's

Not worth much, should be free
since shipping cost would be more than what id pay.
The amp chassis and factory speakers was what had value.

far as I know around 81 or 82 was last years when the amplifier guts
would be similar to old tag board wired amps.

looking at the picture the baffle looks to be MDF
rest of the cabinet probably plywood.
early cabs was widest cheap pine shelf board the lumber yard
had that day
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ahh ok mexican made re-issue of "The Twin" which does have a removable grill and casters but unlike White Dragon i hold no "value" to that chassis, they where plagued with intermittent solder joints and bad jacks....certainly not vintage as the seller was suggesting.

i dont think a vintage chassis would fit in it without problems!
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