Feedback on 3-Way Speaker Design

Hello everyone. I am in the process of designing a 3-way speaker system. I have none of my own test equipment, so I have to use the freq. plots supplied by Parts Express. So far, this is what I have selected for drivers:

Woofer: Audax AP17OZO 6½”
Midrange: Tang bang W3-315D 3½”
Tweeter: Dayton DC28F-8 1 1/8”

I have attached the freq. response graphs from Parts Express . I made my own graph by plotting only the freq. response I plan on using (up to the crossover, but without the slope). Currently, I plan on 500 Hz & 2,000 Hz crossover points. I think the 500 Hz will be a first order and the 2,000 Hz crossover will be a second order.

For the Audax 6½”, I came up with a 35L box (1.23 ft3), 3” x 8.5” Port, Fb of 40 Hz and an F3 of 41 Hz.

What does everyone think? I would like to hear comments on the two different box sizes for the Audax 6.5”. The 35L had a lower F3 by 10 Hz but starts to fall off at 200 Hz.


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