Fedup with loose cartridge nuts?

Hi Gents

I recently got on a nostalgia kick and started playing my V15 Type 111 and Type 1V Shure cartridges again, only to be reminded what a fag fiddling with loose nuts is.

So, I made a plan with a piece of african blackwood. But first, I had to make a 4BA tap as I only had a die for this thread. All my taps and dies are mostly metric sizes but due to the 12.7mm distance between centres for the mounting bolts, I needed a die and tap of M3.5, as well as another tap of M2.5 which is standard for cartridge mounting bolts.

I did not have any inbetween sizes in metric, so I had to resort to using a 4BA die and make a 4BA tap for making 2 brass inserts for the blackwood carapace I wanted to make for the Type 111.

Here is what I made.




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Cool, in some ways similar to what people are doing to the denon DL-103 series of cartridges, where they remove most of the existing body and mount it in a better housing.. (I'm thinking UWE and ZU)

Any change in the overall sonic performance of the cartridge?

I have a ZU/Denon DL-103 and am amazed at its performance. A previous plastic bodied DL-103 was not so impressive.. IMHO
Yeah, I believe less surface noise without sucking the life out of things. I now also have a mongrel Supertrack Plus grip here for it, fitted with a Gyger FG11 needle. I kept the original magnet, suspension/anchor wire and the damper as before. This change has taken the Shure to a higher level, I believe.



Sounds pretty cool..