FD61 - Modular Full Range driver with 3D Printed Components - Complete!

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Hello everyone

I have decided to make a new thread for information around the specific models being launched which will start on Kickstarter to try and gauge the level of interest. For anyone with questions around the development and challenges, please post or see the thread below:


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This is a KIT driver, meaning you will get all the individual components that make up a loudspeaker driver, and you can assemble at home. I can't think of another driver that allows you to do this, especially at this size.

A single driver will be coming in at £40 each, but there will also be some early bird pricing at launch, so if you are interested, it will be better to get in quickly!

On top of the ability to make the driver yourself being very unique, the drivetrain is also interchangeable. This means as I develop more variants, you can swap out the material, cone profiles, level of compliance etc. This takes 8 screws so not very much time. The build itself has been made to be as easy as possible. It is no more complex than assembling a airfix plane kit. If anything it is easier

The 2 starting models are FD61-4PW, and FD61-4CF.

4PW is built with a rolled up high end to try and replicate older drivers with high inductance levels, but this roll off is from the material and cone profile, not inductance, so the driver is still easy to drive from your amplifier.

4CF is built to be a more modern style driver and be working to extend the frequency range. Current revisions are at 16,000Hz, but both drive trains between now and the end of the year will be revised to make sure I extract as much as possible.

I have not released Thiele & Small parameters yet due to the revisions to happen. The main goals in these revisions are the extended frequency of 4CF, and improve compliance further than I already have.

Other features include interchangeable phase plug & even the magnet motor itself. Plan to use it for midrange? You can change the layout of the motor to lower xmax and improve BL. Xmax levels can vary from +/- 0.5mm to +-2.5mm. The underhung voice coil design has been used to help with unclean winding within the magnetic gap, and a fill ratio of 55% enabled crossing of the winding wires without rubbing in the gap occuring.

Any questions or queries, please post and ask. I will post an update regardless when the campaign goes live. If any moderators feel the thread needs to be taken down, please do so.

Thanks, and keep building!

Hello everyone.

My campaign on kickstarter passed it's approval, and so I am here to let you know this will launch tomorrow at approximately 1PM GMT (8AM EST)!!!

The kits will be £40 per driver, but there will be some on an early bird £30 offer, and £60 dual kits as well.

The choice of drivetrain does not need to be decided initially, as I will make sure to ask everyone before producing and shipping out. A video in the next week will detail the assembly of a driver!

So if you have ever wanted to build a driver from scratch, have a driver you can swap parts out on, or have a platform to learn and explore the effects of each change, FD61 might just be for you.

FD61 - The Modular 3D Printed Speaker Driver by Paul Ellis — Kickstarter

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