FD51-4OS 50mm 3D Printed, Open Source Driver

Hello everyone

FD61's development is still ongoing from a look and sound point of view. This driver however is completely different.


FD51-4OS is an educational driver and allows you to get hands on with driver assembly. With the ability to print in different materials, you can see how the performance differs. On top of this, my normal frequency response and T&S results are available.



Frequency response is in my Twin Bluetooth Vented speaker cabinet. Due to the drivers very high Q of 2.4, the chassis outer walls are made thin to create high leakage. As mentioned, this is a educational design, and not competitive


The only components required which are not 3D printed are 2 magnets, wire, and some glue. Details on exact parts and filaments I have used can be found on my website, along with the download files themselves.

Design, Develop, Produce, Innovate

I have also made the design compatable with Thomas Sandladerer's M3-SK project, allowing you to use this to try out sealed, vented and passive radiator designs with different internal volumes to see the difference.

Putting this up on here just in case any of you would find this interesting. I also have some recordings done on a Blue Snowball microphone uploaded so you can get an idea of what these little things are capable off.




Thanks for your time and looking :)