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FC-100, LT3062 PSU, Active Rechtifier


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2005-07-02 3:22 pm

Powering up for the first time :)
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Powering up for the first time :)
So nice looking build! Congratulation meldano!
Can you, please, correct in post #1: FC-100 is not Rudi Ratlos design!
This amp, as you know, originated by Roender, great designer by my POV.
Rudi make possible all previous GB, put a lot of effort and design of first PCB's is made by Project16, all of this based on Roender's schematic, PCB, realization
and precious suggestion and recommendation.
And final result was great!
When I build FC-100, 3 years ago, I was prepared for some surprise and etc. But... nothing!
I follow letter by letter User guide, written by Rudi and this amplifier start from first trial flawlessly! Not many diy design start like this :cool:

Here is first theme of FC-100 (full name is RMI FC-100): https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/rmi-fc100-a-single-stage-audio-power-amplifier.111756/
And this is first theme by Rudi for development of PCB: https://www.diyaudio.com/community/threads/roenders-fc-100-prototype-and-builders-thread.202047/
Hope, you don't mind to my attempt to publish here. I'm sure that future builders will find a ton of useful info in this two old threads.

For curious people, Roender design other version of FC-100 aka. SingleEnded :)
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