Favorite Full Range Driver Poll

If you had to pick only one driver to do it all, what would it be? Please tell also the cabinet you like it in best. My current favorite driver is the B20 in the half chang.

Probably the Radio Shack 40-1354a with Planet 10 phase plugs in Bob Brines' cabinet. That's a hard to beat combo, although a bipole cabinet with the 1354a's and a passive radiator will render pretty good sound as well.

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I really like my Jordan Jx92s as well. I run them in a sealed box and use a sub to fill in the low end.

Ditto. People who hear them are always totally astonished.

I use a simple BSC in the box, and an active crossover to the sub at 125Hz. The sub is a 10" XLS with matching passive radiator. I modeled the response in software and measured it once the system was built. Dead on.

The system was designed to go in a small office. I am toying with the idea of doing a Jx92s system for a larger room. For some reason I cannot get the idea of dipoles out of my head. Can someone direct me to info on the theory of dipole systems? Or talk some sense into me?


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I can only pick one? Do i get to pick an amp to suit?

The short list would include FE127eN, FF85KeN, and the Alpair7/10/12 trio (even without the icing, but given that i'm pretty good at putting the icing on the cake, they would)

FF85 is shy on any real LF (it will fool you sometimes), we can take it off the list of no woofer support is allowed. At my current level of experience with what remains, the Alpair7eN. A10/A12 need more auditioning.