FANE Crescendo 15MB


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Do you have your main speakers or/and is this project just for a sub or main?!
For a sub, if that's what your thread is for (Forums > Loudspeakers > Subwoofers) might not have all the frequencies for that instrument that you need, in this case a fullrange type speaker. Just asking...
Are you there?
As epa and I told you () most of your examples don't work, what do you plan in relation to the new BR enclosure. Is that the answer what you're expecting?! How you came up with that idea in the first place, nice SPL designs that don't apply for this case.


2008-11-08 8:25 pm
Devon UK
I think a simple reflex cabinet would be best this would allow the speaker to reproduce the bass harmonics properly.
The cabinet would be easy to design in Hornresp from scratch.
The fly in the ointment is the low Xmax of the 15MB. This speaker would not be able to take a lot of power. Have you a bass amp that you want to use with the speaker?
I would not push this speaker much over 100W in a reflex cab - even then I would be looking at a high pass filter, but that would really depend on the characteristics of your bass guitar amp:)


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From analyzing the picture you posted in #5 it shows ~90dB's with frequency from 60Hz to 4.5KHz, with a peak of 108dB at 150Hz. This for a Fane Colossus 15B, probably another driver. I'm not saying it doesn't work just mentioning it to clarify the fact.
Fane Project - Compact 125 Litre Cabinet for 1 x 15” Driver
In this other project they say ""Frequency Response: 35Hz – 1k5Hz"", why?! :)


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I don't play bass and I looked for some argumentation; the key ( not that one :p ) is to put it in real life ( or live !) .
Some information with armonics ( wave) analysis

So a BR box isn't necessarily the way to go, since in real life the bassist may only need to hear his touch -otherwise there would be a lost-in-the-mix effect... While on stage there are other bass units such as 4 X 10 or 1 X 18