F6 question re JFET qty

Trying to confirm how many JFETS I need for a stereo F6 kit-

Is it a matched quad of LSJ74/LSK170 ±0.1mA Matched Quad (Grade B) for $39- does this line item provide 2 of the LSJ74 and 2 of the LSK170 and am I going to use one of each per channel (2 on each board) for a stereo amp?

Getting ready to order and wait until they're in stock again in January and don't want to order wrong. Theres also an Octet option for $89 so I'm double checking.

thanks !
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Transistors for F6

Am I right in that in addition to the set of four JFET's you also need the backordered transistors for a stereo F6 amp kit?

these?- if so, are there other sources for these or should I just wait for them to be back in stock ?

these are the ones I'm asking about - thanks

Included in this kit are the semiconductors needed to complete an F-6 amplifier, with the exception of the input JFETs, which can be sourced separately through the store. MOSFETs were matched in accordance with standard operating conditions. This is enough transistors for 2 channels (one stereo amplifier).

4 - IRFP240

4 - 5.1V Zeners

Please note: the numbers on the MOSFETs are ID numbers only, and are not related to their measurements nor their matching.